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The Art of Business Agility

We believe everyone wants to grow towards a happy and sustainable future for themselves and for the people around them. That does not happen overnight and asks a lot of effort. On your journey to the future of work we want to inspire you, people and organizations to see things in a different way. Together we explore new ways of working and thinking so you dare to lead and will be prepared for an unpredictable future. We want to help you to create flow and energy and co-create a vibrant and differentiating environment. In short, a great place to work at: open and transparent. This will enable you to stay relevant and add value to your customers.

What we stand for



Working together, reinforcing each other


Purpose driven

Giving purpose to companies and individuals



Reach for the unthinkable

“Together we ignite new ways of working and thinking”

The art of business agility

Our approach

Explore the why

Driven by our own purpose we uncover the underlying motivations and stories of companies that want to transform into a business agile entity. We help organizations to design and understand their true purpose so to create sustainable value where it matters for customers and employees.

Empower the how

For those organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition, traditional models are rapidly becoming obsolete. The People Journey Circle© delivers an inclusive and diverse people experience. By making use of the intelligence of the crowd, it offers an integrated approach from people to purpose, design to leadership and role models to communication and integration. This methodology will empower the entire organization and bring companies into a flow that will ignite fast moving business agility.

Enable the what

Disruptive and new ways of working will enable teams and co-workers to have a profound understanding of changing roles, (distributed) leadership, mindset and all elements of the People Journey Circle©. Enhanced capabilities and skillsets for coaching, aligned tooling and shared centers of expertise to further secure continuous improvement. Such successful transitions will enable companies to respond faster to customer demands and realize sustainable growth.

What we do

We help your team to Explore the Why, Empower the How and Enable the What so you can ignite your new way of working & thinking.

Gain deep insight and knowledge about Purpose driven leadership, the people side of change through The People Journey Circle© and Agility Bootcamps.

As sharing knowledge is the key to success for all, a guide to the art of business agility is under construction and awaiting launch later this year.

Looking to ignite your corporate event or conference? We offer you one of the leading-edge speakers and moderators in the industry.

Business Agility 
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At Twinxter we love to help people and companies
 on their journey to the future of work. 

We wil help you create flow, energy and co-create
a vibrant and differentiating environment. In short,
a great place to work at: open and transparent.

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