True visionary and business transformer

As a passionate People & Transformation Executive, Alize helps organizations to explore and reshape the future way of working and ignites a different way of thinking and mindset that unleashes agility within organizations.

Alize is considered a true visionary and thought-leader in the field of business agile transformations for large, international organizations. She has a truly unique insight in how to introduce and transform companies into becoming successful and sustainable business-agility entities. By putting people in the center of her methodology and thus unlocking the infinite human potential within an organization, she is able to ignite new ways of working and thinking in large and complex organizations.

After a successful career in banking, management consulting, healthcare and recruitment Alize started a new chapter as founder of Twinxter and The People Journey Circle©. In this capacity she actively advises board-room leaders and transformation teams how to reshape company structures and trains them on mindset, leadership and the people side of change.

She is a frequently asked and internationally recognized, influential keynote speaker and active member of several global communities. She is widely renowned for her inspirational coach- and training sessions for people on forthcoming changes in mindset and related business agile transformations.


Business Agility

“Inspire to be authentic and explore the unknown.”

How it all started

I remember when starting my first job at a large supermarket chain in the Netherlands. As a student I only worked there for a few hours a week, yet, I was treated exactly the same as people who had been working there for decades. It made me feel like I was part of the team and the company as a whole. For just the short period I was part of the identity of this organization, they still made a profound lasting impact. Many years and companies later, hearing the name of this supermarket still triggers my curiosity. And guess where I still prefer doing my groceries?

Today’s employees and companies often don’t get the chance anymore to develop such a connection. Changing demand and quick response frequently leads to undeveloped relations and connections with fundamental questions around identity and purpose.

When working with a large international bank towards becoming a business agile organization, I found my own purpose. By doing so, I realized that knowing one’s true purpose is a paramount step on the journey to working and thinking differently. Twinxter originated from companies’ need to go back to their roots and reconnect with their purpose. That way, developments support their goals instead of just adjusting because they’re trying to keep up. This requires a new way of thinking and letting go of deeply embedded concepts, such as traditional job descriptions. 

Based on over twenty years of experience with large organizations, I developed The People Journey Circle©. A unique methodology that leads fundamental transformations and has proven to jump-start sustainable growth by helping companies to act from their purpose and create space for professionals to use their full potential. I have seen change come naturally from this way of thinking, clearing the road to a journey your customers want to be a part of. 

A brand-new mindset is not something you achieve with the flip of a switch and a company’s culture is often deeply rooted. Twinxter acts as a catalyst for growth and carefully focuses all eyes in the same direction. Not overnight, but one step at a time with a wide focus that includes all parties involved. 

Is your organization prepared for the future that’s coming? Let’s take the first step towards a successful and lasting transformation together.

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Alize is partner of: Agile People, ICAgile and also an ICAgile Instructor

Is your organization prepared for the future that’s coming? Let’s take the first step towards a lasting transformation together.