Our purpose

At Twinxter we love to help people and companies on their journey to the future of work. We believe everyone wants to grow towards a happy and sustainable future for themselves and for the people around them. That does not happen overnight and asks a lot of effort. On your journey to the future of work we want to inspire you, people and organizations to see things in a different way. Together we explore new ways of working and thinking so you dare to lead and will be prepared for an unpredictable future. We want to help you to create flow and energy and co-create a vibrant and differentiating environment. In short, a great place to work at: open and transparent. This will enable you to stay relevant and add value to your customers.

Business Agility

“Everybody can reach sustainable growth.”

Our understanding

In an age of 24/7 availability, where new technologies rapidly change our way of working and the speed of the feedback-loop becomes even more urgent, our journey to the future of work in general becomes more and more unpredictable. Many companies focus on what they want, instead of what their customers and employees need. Nowadays, they feel a constant pressure to adapt to changes in order to keep up with fast paced consumers demands and developments. They lose sight of their identity and answers to fundamental questions like who they are, why they do what they do and how to get there.

Our ambition

We often meet companies that have some vague notion around the need for a business agile transformation, but frequently struggle with questions like how to approach this or implement such a powerful potential and companywide change. Twinxter supports companies with a clear focus on the people side of change towards or during the aspired transition. From C-level strategy questions to organizational design and implementation. The People Journey Circle© is a proven methodology that enables companies to continuously reinvent themselves by becoming a truly cutting-edge, customer value driven entity.

Our conviction

We believe that if you are able to facilitate the right environment where people can experiment, learn and improve, magical things will happen. That means that everyone in the organization has to be willing to be involved and wants to build this new aspired environment. One thing is for sure: only changing the structure or implementing a new model does not make your organization ‘Agile’. 

Is your organization prepared for the future that’s coming? Let’s take the first step towards a lasting transformation together.