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We help your team to Explore the Why, Empower the How and Enable the What so you can ignite your new way of working & thinking.

Gain deep insight and knowledge about Purpose driven leadership, the people side of change through The People Journey Circle© and Agility Bootcamps.

As sharing knowledge is the key to success for all, a guide to the art of business agility is under construction and awaiting launch later this year.

Looking to ignite your corporate event or conference? We offer you one of the leading-edge speakers and moderators in the industry.

Cutting-edge consultancy


Driven by our own purpose we uncover the underlying motivations and stories of companies that want to transform into a business agile entity. We help organizations to design and understand their true purpose so to create sustainable value where it matters for customers and employees.


For those organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition, traditional models are rapidly becoming obsolete. The People Journey Circle© delivers an inclusive and diverse people experience. By making use of the intelligence of the crowd, it offers an integrated approach from people to purpose, design to leadership and role models to communication and integration. This methodology will empower the entire organization and bring companies into a flow that will ignite fast moving business agility.


Disruptive and new ways of working will enable teams and co-workers to have a profound understanding of changing roles, (distributed) leadership, mindset and all elements of the People Journey Circle©. Enhanced capabilities and skillsets for coaching, aligned tooling and shared centers of expertise to further secure continuous improvement. Such successful transitions will enable companies to respond faster to customer demands and realize sustainable growth.


Business Agility 
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At Twinxter we love to help people and companies
 on their journey to the future of work. 

We wil help you create flow, energy and co-create
a vibrant and differentiating environment. In short,
a great place to work at: open and transparent.

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Twinxter Academy

Purpose driven Leadership course

Discover your WHY of business agility and the changing role of Leadership in a rapid changing world.

  • Focused approach to make the shift from control to trust on three levels: as an individual, as a lead of teams and as an organization. Become self-aware, enable teams to grow and create a learning organization
  • Proven methodology that will enable you to experiment, learn and improve new ways of working and thinking.
  • Simple techniques to be comfortable to create a unique approach in your organization
  • What you have to do yourself to activate the 7 elements of The People Journey Circle© in your organization. Become purpose driven, communicate differently, identify constraints and co-create together, role-modeling, enable your collective intelligence and create meaningful communities, continuous learning and system-thinking

The People Journey Circle©

Create a differentiating and inclusive people journey to the Future of Work.

  • Focused approach to take the lead on the people side of change
  • Proven methodology that will enable you to create a unique and adaptive approach in the transformation of your organization to become more business agile and achieve sustainable growth
  • Simple techniques to help you understand new ways of working, different ways of thinking, agile mindset and methodologies, the meaning and power of purpose. Gain deep insights in different ways of communicating, co-creation, systems thinking, distributed leadership and the importance of role modeling. You will also learn how to use the intelligence of all people, build communities and create a learning culture.
  • What you have to do to activate the 7 elements of The People Journey Circle© in your organization

Agility Bootcamp

Reinvent your department and become part of the system.

  • Focused approach to understand the changing role of your department (i.e. HR, Finance or other) and be able to lead and add value in the transformation of your organization. Learn how to sense and respond to employee and/or organizational needs
  • Proven methodology that will enable you to create adaptable processes to facilitate the way of working within your own or other departments, while transforming to a perpetual business agile organization
  • Simple techniques to get a better understanding of the agile ways of working and philosophy. How to move to a purpose driven department or organization that focusses on customer- and employee journeys and which impact this has on the roles of employees.
  • What you have to do to activate and ignite business agility

Let’s connect and explore together how these courses can be customized for your organization or department

Visionary Author

It is our believe that knowledge should be shared and available to as many as possible. With this in mind, a visionary guide to the art of business agility is currently under construction and awaiting launch later this year. We’ll keep you posted along the way. You can order your copy by clicking the button below.

Purpose Driven People

Passionate speaker

Looking to ignite your corporate event or conference? Alize is one of the leading-edge speakers and moderators in the industry. She is renowned for her charismatic conference contributions and the way she shares innovative insights with her public all around the world.

"We are proud to have had Alize speak at the Business Agility Conference in NYC. Her talk was inspiring - sharing her experiences, failures, and continuous improvements."

– Evan Leybourn, Founder & CEO Business Agility Institute

Is your organization prepared for the future that’s coming? Let’s take the first step towards a lasting transformation together.